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Can I Get Car Finance with No Deposit
Getting a car on finance with no deposit is a fantasic way of buying a new car. Many funders out there will offer customers the chance to purchase a car on finance and not pay any deposit towards it. This is an attractive deal for the customer as they dont have to delve into their savings to get their brand new car.  Dont get too excited though if you have really poor credit some funders will need the customer to show some commitment when buying a car and this is in the form of a deposit. So in short for some people the news is great and no deposit car finance is available to them.  ..
26/08/2020 13:20:55
Bad Credit Car Finance
Getting Car Finance with Bad Credit is likely to give you several headaches, and also could be some pretty embarrassing situations. Imagine being told you cant get the car of your dreams whilst you are sat in the car dealership because you forgot to pay your phone bill or your credit card on time last month. Well thats what happens to hundreds if not thousands of people in the UK. Its not surprisi..
26/08/2020 13:21:48
Bad Credit Car Finance - Pay and Drive
You would be surprised how many people in the UK are refused car finance, with all the disruption thats been happening with the banks and mortgages over the past ten years people with debt, and people who have struggled with debt have suffered badly. So getting a car when you have bad credit is gonna be difficult, most brokers and lenders wont admit that a huge amount of their applicants get reje..
26/05/2018 10:08:17
Dent Removal - Dent Master
Removing Dents from your car Has your car got a dent that needs removing by a dent master technician. Many villages and towns around the UK have PDR technicians which can help you get rid of those horrible dents and literally put back hundreds if not thousands of pounds back onto the value of your car. Dent Removal 247 has a directory of dent technicians spread around the country. Use their quic..
29/12/2017 23:24:23
New V5c Logbook Rules: Full Guide for Car Buyers and Sellers
The V5C system has through tremendous changes over time and buyer, and sellers need to have an understanding of these changes. One of such changes is the introduction of a website registration process available for car sellers to dealers or private buyers. This is in a bid to reduce the time, cost and hassles involved in the process.  The introduction means sellers no longer have to po..
10/11/2016 16:20:44
How to Buy or Transfer a Personalised Number Plate
Personalised number plates have been described using different adjectives, and while some people have seen it as just vanity, others treasure it and would do almost anything to have one.  We often have a close and personal relationship with our cars and while some can afford to customise their cars, the best others can go to personalise their number p..
10/11/2016 16:36:55
Driving Abroad: What Do You Need to Know?
Travelling and driving abroad can be fun if you stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, not too many people know what it takes to avoid trouble when they drive abroad. Below is a guide that explains what it takes to drive abroad without getting into trouble with the law of your host country.  Driving in Europe and EU countries  It is important to do your research before venturing..
10/11/2016 16:18:44
Car Scratch Repair: A Complete Guide
Minor car damages are almost inevitable, regardless of how careful or smart the driver is. Scratches from tree branches, car park scrapes and stone chips can, however, be repaired effectively with the right car scratch repair kit.  Car scratches can be sometimes expensive to repair if you take the option of a professional car repair garage or even when you decide to sell the car, espec..
10/11/2016 16:15:57
Car Recalls: Should I Worry?
Manufacturer’s recalls are not always the best things car owners want to hear. Unfortunately, when issues that could affect the safety of the car owners and other road users are identified, affected cars need to be recalled by the manufacturers.   What is a car recall?  A recall notice is issued by a car maker when it identifies a major problem with a particular ca..
10/11/2016 16:14:39
Eight Things You Should Be Doing to Keep Your Car Safe and Legal
Most people are guilty of not checking the roadworthiness of their vehicles especially when it comes to checking if the rear indicator lights and brake lights are in good working condition. This can be very dangerous, making the difference between life and death.   MOT  Many car owners will wonder what the MOT is meant for if they still have to check for such things as t..
10/11/2016 16:12:53
The Basics of Car Taxing
The tax for a car need to be paid on all the vehicles that are registered in United Kingdom which are kept on or driven on public roads. Picking a suitable vehicle could make a huge difference when it comes to your tax expenditures. In addition, picking a low tax vehicle could indicate it holds its price better since more individuals would like to purchase it. Also, cars which are kept off-road n..
22/03/2016 18:41:12
Perfect Time to Buy a Car
Buying a New Car   Picking the most ideal time of the year for purchasing a car can possibly save you plenty of cash. Below are a few things to keep in mind:   During February & August, most dealers tend to offer some exciting bargains, whilst the car sales are sluggish as consumers wait for fresh number plates about to come in Mar & Sep. However, in case you decide to take a..
22/03/2016 18:40:42
Road Safety: Staying Out of the Danger Zone
Some of the recent studies in traffic accidents reveal that: Around 65 percent of fatal collisions occur as a result of driver reaction or error   Around 20.5 percent of the accidents happen because the driver is not able to see the nearing issue Around 34 percent of collisions occur because of loss of control after recognizing an issue on the path   The research by ROSPA reveals t..
22/03/2016 18:39:43
How to Buy a Car Using Hire Purchase?
Hire Purchase: An Introduction   Hire purchases normally (not always) require you to put-down deposit amount of 10 percent of the car value. You then pay the remaining amount in multiple instalments, across a period of 1 to 5 years.   Hire purchases are arranged by car dealers; however, brokers may also offer such type of service. The charges are mostly quite competitive if the car i..
22/03/2016 18:39:18
How Big Is the Role of Kids While Picking a Family Car?
It’s always an exciting period when you want to buy a new car, however there are several variables to take into account before you decide to seal your car deal. From your car color & design to comfort & practicality, each of us may have a different reason when it comes to picking a particular car. In a recent study, more than 25 percent of parents admitted kids play a huge rule in de..
22/03/2016 18:38:52
Top 5 Tips on How to Sell Your Car
1. Preparation   Employing the right marketing strategy is crucial for getting the best potential deal – hence prior to advertising your vehicle, ensure to give it a proper clean inside as well as out. Also, ensure you fix any small paintwork damage. Consider renewing the MOT if there are less than three months left for it.    2. Advertising    You can find sev..
22/03/2016 18:38:01