The Basics of Car Taxing

The tax for a car need to be paid on all the vehicles that are registered in United Kingdom which are kept on or driven on public roads. Picking a suitable vehicle could make a huge difference when it comes to your tax expenditures. In addition, picking a low tax vehicle could indicate it holds its price better since more individuals would like to purchase it.
Also, cars which are kept off-road need to be taxed OR have a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN).
The amount of car Tax you’ll need to pay is judged depending upon the amount of CO2 your car emits. There are thirteen Tax Bands in the United Kingdom which your vehicle can fall in. 
These range from A (lowest) to M (highest). Every band is classified by the volume of CO2 emitted. This is measured by Gallon/KM. Cars which are smaller and more fuel efficient are obvious to pay less tax & at times, might not even cost a dime.
After your vehicle is registered, you’ll be given a car tax disc which needs to be displayed continuously. This disc must be in full view & positioned on the passenger’s side of the wind-screen without any obstruction whatsoever. 
Car owners who aren’t required to pay car tax are as follows:
Band A car owners
Brand new car owners (during their initial year of registration) who’ve band B-D vehicles. However, once the vehicle completes its first year, you will have to start paying the required tax
Individuals with disabilities could be allowed for car free tax on the condition that they:
Get War-Pensioners-Mobility-Supplement 
Get greater mobility component rate of Disability-Living-Allowance
Have a bad carriage
Also, you do not need to pay the tax on cars which are manufactured before 1st Jan 1974 (called as ‘historic cars). 
Company Car Tax:
In case your company offers a company car, then you’ll be accountable to pay the tax. There are several ways to evaluate the tax rate which you’ll be accountable to pay, however the easiest & also the most popular technique is by using the car tax calculator. It helps you accurately determine how much tax you’re expected to pay. 
Car Tax is very important and if you fail to pay the tax of your vehicle, it can lead to an automatic fine of £80 in addition to a fine of £1000 at least. Also, your vehicle may be impounded, held or even demolished.
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