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car finance

Car Finance Info

The most used section of our blog is the var finance info, packed with popular questions and answers with guides on how to get the best deal from your car finance broker

How Your Credit Score Affects Your Car Finance Application
Unveiling the Hidden Factors: How Your Credit Score Affects Your Car Finance Are you considering financing a car? Your credit score may play a more significant role than you think. In this article, we will unveil the hidden factors that demonstrate just how much your credit score affects your car finance options. With lenders using credit scores as a tool to assess an individual's creditworthiness, understanding the impact of your credit score on your car finance application is crucial. Whether you have excellent credit or a less-than-ideal score, your credit history can determine the intere..
29/08/2023 19:19:24
Getting a Car on Finance in the Uk
Introduction: Purchasing a car is a significant decision, and for many people in the UK, obtaining car finance is a practical way to make that dream a reality. Car finance allows you to spread the cost of buying a vehicle over monthly installments, making it more affordable. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the process of getting a car on finance in the ..
28/06/2023 13:31:26
How to Get A Car with Really Poor Credit
Finding a car when you have been refused finance or have really poor credit can be really infuriating. As a broker we see customers applying with 20 brokers in a weekend, and whilst that doesnt really hurt their credit record it sure as infuriates the brokers. If you have been refused car finance the first thing you should do is STOP !!!! . Ask yourself or your broker WHY HAVE I BEEN REFUSED. ..
10/10/2020 15:33:10
Cutting Car Finance Costs
if you're struggling to meet your car finance payments, or want to cut costs, you can exit the agreement early or return the car. However, there are some conditions and fee's attached. Make sure you don't rush into any decisions before you know the conditions. Should you end your finance deal early? There are a few reasons why you may want to end your car finance deal early. Firstly, you're stru..
22/09/2020 10:33:33
How to Get Car Finance with Bad Credit.
1.   Identify and fix problems with your credit report Make sure you have your full credit history, by doing this you can re-evaluate how you handle your money and if you need to do anything to improve it and manage your money better. You have to make sure that there’s no mistakes in your credit profile and make sure that’s it’s up to date. Start paying off your curren..
27/08/2020 13:31:37
More Information About Car Finance
More About Car finance 1.      What is Car finance? Car finance refers to the various financial aids which allow someone to acquire a car, including car loans and leases.   2.       Personal loan To help you get a car you can take out a loan, and pay a set amount back each month. You have to pay interest on a loan and you will have to pay a fe..
26/08/2020 13:20:31
Poor Credit Car Finance - Can I Get Accepted
Being told that you have been declined for anything because you have poor credit is probably one of the worst feelings ever.  We have written this "Poor Credit Car Finance - How to Get Accepted" guide because after speaking to literally thousands of clients every year about finance we realise that most customers are going around and around applying with every car finance broker they can find ..
26/08/2020 13:20:38
Car Finance 2020
The car finance industry has changed lots since Get Me Car Finance started 14 years ago, there are now thousands of online car finance brokers around the place offering what appears to be the moon for your application. Truth is that yes there are a few more funders our there, however the best car finance deals out there are for people who have a superb credit history. Lots and lots of websites yo..
26/08/2020 13:21:03
Cars on Finance for Bad Credit
Imagine having thousands of cars thrown at you, pages and pages of user or new cars on finance and NOT being able to drive one away. Bad credit affects thousands of us each week when trying to get a fantastic deal on a new car. That £199 deal we could have had is ripped up because we missed a few payments on a previous loan or on a credit card, mobile phone or store account. These things a..
11/01/2021 12:36:33
Loans for Poor Credit No Guarantor Clients
One of the most embarassing things about applying for credit is being declined, that feeling of What, Why and How have i been declined goes through your head, wondering if it was because i missed a payment on my gas, or mortgage? Really there are lots and lots of people in the UK who miss payments, its not the main reason why they declined for finance thoiugh, multiple missed payments on credit a..
26/08/2020 13:21:21
Pay Weekly Car Finance
Are you looking to Pay for Your car weekly, Get Me Finance offer Pay Weekly Cars packages which allows you to pay your car finance on a weekely basis rather than on a monthly basis. Whilst most lenders offer a pay monthly option, GMCF can offer a package which allows you you to pay weekly.   If you are interested in a a "pay weekly" package please contact us or apply online for more d..
26/08/2020 13:21:39
Car Finance Deals
Getting a Great Car Finance Deal Getting a car finance deal with bad credit seems to be an increasing worry for many people not only in the United Kingdom but across the globe. There are several reasons for this rather unfortunate development with people finding themselves with a not too good credit rating for a plethora of reasons in today’s world of finance and easy accessibility to ..
12/11/2018 16:18:17
Payg Pay as You Go Car Finance
PAYG (Pay as You Go) Car Finance is becoming more and more of an option for clients who have poor credit. If you have ever been denied car finance, then you probably know how frustrating this can be. Thankfully, there are quite a number of lending institutions that focus on providing financing car loans to people that have bad credit or are have had financial challenges in the past that could aff..
06/11/2018 15:28:41
Guaranteed Car Finance for Bad Credit
Another Frequently asked question over here at getmefinance, many people are searching the internet looking for the golden ticket when it comes to car finance. And the Term "Guaranteed Car Finance For Bad Credit" is searched over 1000 times every month by customers who are in the unfortunate position of having bad credit and they are looking to either get a new car or upgrade their existing one. ..
27/08/2018 10:53:10
Black Box Car Finance
While car finance or even taking any form of debt might be desirable by anyone, the decision by many people to pay for a car or credit is quite understandable. Purchasing a car is such a big investment that can be a bit difficult to undertake outright. Therefore, car finance looks to be the best possible option for persons that cannot afford to purchase in cash but need a car for their daily activ..
11/08/2018 11:06:34
Do You Offer Guaranteed Car Finance
Different people across the globe tend to need financial aid at one point or the other. The need for financial aid seems to be on the rise with people looking to meet their financial obligations while ensuring comfort and enjoying some luxury of life. One of the very expensive assets anyone can think of acquiring is a car. Due to the cost of acquiring such an asset, car finance seems to be the bes..
06/11/2018 15:01:08
Why Cant I Get Car Finance?
One of the most dreaded statement when applying for a loan is “you do not qualify for a car loan.” These words can be so devastating and often lead to you asking yourself several questions. However, it is worth noting that the reasons why you might be finding it difficult to get car finance are neither hard-to-uncover nor cryptic, as they are usually easy to explain. If you are having ..
11/08/2018 11:04:35
Getting Car Finance with Poor Credit
Getting car finance with a very poor credit rating can be frustrating and difficult, to say the least. However, this does not take away the fact that people with bad credit can get car financing if the process is well-planned and implemented. It is usually advised that you prepare and educate yourself about your credit score and history for now and the future. You also want to know the different a..
11/08/2018 10:40:53
How to Get Car Finance when You Have Bad Credit?
Well as you probably guessed this is one of the main question a company like get me car finance regularly get asked. The answer is definitely not to apply 10 times around the internet to find one company who will accept you. You may not realise this now, but most Car Finance companies use the same lender networks to place clients and get them car finance. Soooooooo you wont be surprised to learn ..
08/08/2018 19:41:06
Car Finance on Benefits
Many people come to Get Me Car Finance worried that because they are on benefits thats they cant get a car. FCA state that "A firm whose business model is predicated on selling products to customers who can’t afford to repay them is not acceptable, nor is it a sustainable long-term strategy." So come to us and prove you can afford car finance and we can ensure you get the best offer for your..
28/06/2023 13:27:30
Refused Car Lease
Question: I was just recently declined for a car lease which was to my surprise, the finance lender in question I was told used Experian to judge whether to accept me or not so I had a look at my score and it was in the fair catergory with 844. 40 odd shy of good which is what the finance company would have wanted.ANSWER Being refused anything these days is very frustrating and being refused car..
26/05/2018 09:32:46
Getting the Best Used Car Finance
If you are looking for a used car finance deal, the internet is where you want to be. With the flood of information on the internet, it is even more important to carefully scout for such deals with specialist motoring websites. Such sites due to their expertise and knowledge of the market are able to get the best deals for you, finding reliable and suitable lenders that otherwise would have been u..
16/03/2019 10:10:07
Choosing the Right Car Finance Deals
Car financing can be sometimes difficult and with research showing that most car owners decide on how to pay for their car before paying a visit to a forecourt, it is important to appropriately address the issue of car financing and more importantly, car finance deals. Some of the reasons identified for not going through the normal procedure for choosing a car finance deal include high interest ra..
16/03/2019 10:08:42
Getting Car Finance and on Benefits
Can i get car finance if I am on Benefits?One of the most asked questions at Get Me Car Finance is can i get car finance if i receive benefits. The simple answer is YES. If the applicant can be shown to afford car finance then who are we to stop them having a car. Well, there is an element of risk to any finance agreement, but we find that people who receive benefits pay their monthly payments ju..
25/08/2020 10:54:38
Yes Car Credit
Here at Get Me Car Finance, we like saying " yes to car credit " Through our hassle-free service, securing vehicle finance has never been so easy. You could have a decision on your loan application in minutes & purchase your vehicle from any dealer! Irrespective of your financial situation, you can apply for yes-car-credit. In case you have a superb credit score, we try to beat the rates that ..
24/04/2016 11:36:23
Car Finance: Important Things to Remember
  Your credit score   As with many financial products, your credit score can decide how much interest rate you will be charged for car finances and also how much cash you're offered on credit. Understanding your credit score prior to applying for a finance can offer you an estimation of how much you're likely to be offered & also this allows you to shop with better knowledge. &nb..
24/04/2016 11:35:31
Bad Credit Car Loans
If you’re searching for car loan, however, have a bad credit history, the good thing is, we offer services for people who have formerly been refused.   Irrespective of what your financial condition is, we will assist you even if you had loan problems, CCJ’s or similar payment defaults previously. Possibly you’re self-employed or perhaps you have no credit pass at all?..
16/03/2019 10:08:23
Bad Credit Vehicle Finance
Do not worry! This should not be an issue – we’re helpful to individuals who need bad credit vehicle loan. We can offer car loans irrespective of your previous credit score. Whether you have had mortgage arrears, CCCJ’s or similar payment defaults, if you are self-employed or even in case you have no history of any credit at all, we don’t consider this as suitable reasons f..
24/04/2016 11:33:23
Advantages of Car Finance
  Feasibility   For people who are trying to purchase a new car, the budget which they need to spend will most often be the initial thing they take into account. While it is crucial to set a limit in regards to how you spend when purchasing a car, using only the cash which you have to hand might leave you with a very restricted choice.   The feasibility of car finance lies in t..
24/04/2016 11:32:38
Tips on Preparing Your Finance for Getting the Best Car Loan Deals
    1. Be honest   Begin by working out your entire monthly incomes & outgoings. An online budget panel kit created by the money advice service can be a beneficial tool for helping you balance your finances appropriately. This includes calculating the entire cost of what you are presently spending on the vehicle.    By knowing your true vehicle expenditure & ..
24/04/2016 11:30:16
What to Do If You Get a Refusal on a Loan or Credit Card?
Know the Actual Reason for Refusal    If you have been turned down for a credit card or loan, the loan or credit card firm need to tell you if you were refused because of a search onto your credit file. In this case, they must inform you about the credit reference agency they’ve used for you. You may ask the reason for refusal however don’t expect them to provide you with a..
16/03/2019 10:08:07