Bad Credit Vehicle Finance

Do not worry! This should not be an issue – we’re helpful to individuals who need bad credit vehicle loan. We can offer car loans irrespective of your previous credit score. Whether you have had mortgage arrears, CCCJ’s or similar payment defaults, if you are self-employed or even in case you have no history of any credit at all, we don’t consider this as suitable reasons for refusing car loan. Also, we will assist you if you’re in an IVA or debt management plan.
There could be a number of reasons why you might have been previously refused for car finance, hence we search for the best possible deal from our huge database of lenders in order to suit your specific requirements. We also offer assistance advice and guidance on how you can repair your credit score.
Why not take advantage of our hassle free service today? After you are approved, our expert loan advisor’s will guide you through each single step of the procedure. And note that in majority of cases no deposit amount is essential.
Select your vehicle from trustworthy dealer.
Agree on your payments each month
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In order to protect you, we also provide GAP insurance & optional warranties. All these are great products which we offer at reasonable prices, hence if you’re interested, feel free to ask your financial advisor.
Poor credit finance experts
Individuals who have been refused credit on other places find that this might not be always an issue for Carfinance247. We won’t allow your past financial issues get in the way of you securing vehicle loan with poor credit. Our experts are approachable and friendly and we know that every person’s credit score can be distinct. Rates that we offer depend on your credit score.
Complete understanding
We realize how easy it is to become down cost when you have been refused because of poor credit. You could be self-employed and hence have no income proof or possibly have no financial history at all. Often you might have just been a bit late in paying bills. We can provide an assistance of these so-called issues & help you locate a suitable deal.
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