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Keep upto date with the latest car leasing offers and products available on the market, sometimes car leasing can be the only option when it comes to getting you on the rod

Things to Know About Used Car Leasing
  Monthly payments may be lower With a leased car, the amount you pay monthly goes off the expected depreciation of the car , so obviously with a used car, it will be lowered because the vehicle loses value. Therefore you’ll pay less each month. However it also depends on which car you want, some cars will be more expensive than others so make sure you budget efficiently.   Shop around You might have to shop around to find a dealership that leases used cars because they’re far less common than leasing new cars. Start by identifying what type of car you’d like t..
8/26/2020 1:20:14 PM
What Is Car Leasing
What is Car Leasing A car leasing is a long term rental of a new car from the leasing company. You have to pay a deposit, then a set amount each month in order to keep leasing  the car.   1.       How does it work? To start with you’ll need to pass a credit check, but your monthly repayments are still your own responsibility. There may also be an a..
8/26/2020 1:20:21 PM
Bad Credit Car Leasing
Bad Credit Car Leasing is a product which is becoming more and more of an option for customers who have been flatly refused for HP car finance and PCP car finance. For some companies the fact people have had a small or large credit blip in some circumstances makes getting car finance harder and harder, and the lower your credit score goes the more and more you will pay in interest, until that poin..
8/26/2020 10:20:28 AM
Bad Credit Car Leasing
After the recent recession many many people have a bad credit record. And when it comes to buying a new car, this record can affect you when you are at the car dealers choosing a car. Thats why Get Me Car Finance have introduced "Bad Credit Car Leasing" , we understand that there are literally 1000's of people who are looking for car finance who can actually afford to pay the monthly payments, ho..
6/14/2018 8:41:13 AM