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car finance


Take a look at the frequently asked questions, questions we get on a day to day basis. We will provide you with the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Getting Car Finance with a Ccj
One of the biggest reasons people get refused car finance with lenders is that they have a CCJ on their credit file.  We constantly remind customers that the actual credit score on your file doesnt really matter.  Its simply an indicator regarding your credit record, and having a low credit score does not stop some of our customers from being accepted for finance.What is a CCJ A CCJ is a county court judgement , they occur when you have not paid off a loan or credit card and gone into DEFAULT.  This means you have not paid back what you owe.  We can tell you straight from ..
09/10/2021 10:06:02
Can I Get Car Finance Near Me
Whilst Get Me Car Finance service its customers on a UK wide basis, (we talk to dealers from around the country) , some customers like to deal wht companies that are more local to them. We think what they mean is a car dealer which is near them. Be assured that Get Me Car Finance can offer car finance and work with dealers which are in your area. Take a look at your local dealer cars and we can w..
26/08/2020 13:20:46
Bad Credit Car Finance Calculator
Are you looking for a bad credit car finance calculator, many people looking for car finance find out that thier credit record isnt upto scratch and end up getting refused car finance at the car dealer.  Coming away slightly embarrassed the only option is to get on google and do a quick search "bad credit car finance" , after finding 2000 car finance brokers who are offering rates from 6% up..
26/08/2020 13:21:30
Refused Car Finance
Have you been refused car finance everywhere? Dont worry its no a uncommon thing, lots and lots of people dont qualify for A1 credit rates as they have had a blip on their credit record. The thing to do is not panic, but check your credit record for anything strange, and ensure you are paying your bills on time and you are on the electoral roll. Get Me Car Finance are a car finance broker and al..
10/09/2020 11:25:33
Guaranteed Car Finance
Guaranteed car finance is a term we hear quite a lot at Get Me Car Finance, it is an unusual term really as nobody really can guarantee anything with car finance. If you cannot afford car finance then realistically you wont get car finance. However Guaranteed Car Finance is possible if your payments are Guaranteed by a Guarantor. Now that is totally different. Having a Guarantor on board allows y..
17/01/2018 10:19:00
7 Secrets a Car Dealer Won't Tell You
Getting into a car dealership is not what it used to be as the internet has come to ease the process especially on the part of the buyers as they do not have to withstand the pressure coming from sales and marketing staff of dealerships. It is however worth noting that while car dealerships cannot necessarily force sales down the throat of prospective car owners, there are some things everyone sho..
12/10/2016 14:36:45
Stay Away from Scam Finance Companies
It is a sad fact of our life that there will always be individuals who'll try to rip-off others. Hence, it has become very crucial for you to stay safe on the web and understand how to spot scam finance companies.   See if the company is regulated by FSA prior to applying for the loan. This means that they have a practice code which they must stick to, & that they are trustworthy compan..
29/12/2017 23:25:59