Refused Car Finance

Have you been refused car finance everywhere?

Dont worry its no a uncommon thing, lots and lots of people dont qualify for A1 credit rates as they have had a blip on their credit record. The thing to do is not panic, but check your credit record for anything strange, and ensure you are paying your bills on time and you are on the electoral roll.

Get Me Car Finance
are a car finance broker and also a lender. This differentiates us from most of the companies you see out there. So if you have been refused car finance and you are struggling to Get Car Finance then let us explain why!!


What Car Finance Brokers Do?

Car Finance Brokers take your application and send it to a lender, they wait for the lender to give you the green light on your application and if they get a red light, they will try another lender. Your application is batted around the lenders until it either gets accepted or you are declined everywhere and you get a flat refusal from the broker. Get Me Car Finance See A Huge amound of refusals from brokers.

refused car finance


What Does Refused car Finance Mean for me?

Well lets not beat about the bush, most brokers will try you with several companies, so if you get refused car finance you probably have been declined by a few UK lenders. Your chances of getting car finance are now slim. 

But What Can I do?

First you need to look at yourself, honestly, if you have 10 payday loans and default (missed payments) you need to ask yourself, is a car loan the best thing for me at this time? You also need to repair your credit, look at your credit record, and also try and keep to payment plans and never miss a payment. This may involve stacking your debt payments onto a "gold day" , a day where you know you will have money in the bank .

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However, your journey is not over yet.... Get Me Car Finance now lend their own money, in the way of a Lease Purchase Scheme. This scheme can be your way to getting yourself in a new or used car. Click the apply button above and find lets see where we get to .

Can I apply Again With GMCF?

Yes Sure you can, click the button below and lets get you into a car

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