Unsettled Ccjs

County Court judgments (CCJs) are mostly recorded on your credit file and on the public register for about  six years, which can make it harder to get credit during that time frame. But if you’re able to pay the full amount you owe straightway, you may be able to get it removed.

If you pay off the CCJ within a month of having it, you may be able to get it removed from your credit file permanently.  Otherwise if you fail to pay off the CCJ it becomes an Unsettled CCJ and in all honesty, apart from bankruptcy itself, its one of the worst things someone can have on their credit file.  Lenders who not like this kind off CCJ as it shows that the customer "doesn't pay his debts"  and is a huge indicator to them to show them that if they lend this customer money, even though they may pursue them through the courts in the event of non payment, they may never see that money again.  

If you have an unsettled CCJ on your credit file, Get Me Car Finance advise that you try and settle it ASAP.  This will give you a better chance of being accepted for car finance in the future

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