Questions Answered About Car Finance

Are you looking for more information about existing car finance deal of are you thinking about getting car finance for a new or used car - take a look at our frequently asked questions guide.
Yes, you can providing you can afford the car finance.  We are experts at providing car finance for people who have had problems obtaining credit in the past. Having a poor credit rating shouldn't stop you from getting car finance with us, even if you've been refused elsewhere.  But you will need to pass our affordability checks to ensure you can afford any repayments. Read More Car Finance with Bad Credit
Yes, you can. Being self-employed doesn’t stop us finding you car finance. Just give us a call or apply online.
We determine how much you can borrow by considering your current affordability. This also depends on the car you are interested in, the age of the vehicle and if you would like to put a deposit down to lower your monthly repayments. We also take into account your credit profile – Including your credit history to assess whether you are able to afford the monthly repayments. Don’t worry about this as we only ever use soft credit searches that won’t leave a mark on your credit profile when putting the initial application through to our lenders to check your eligibility for car finance. Please fill out the form on our website to see how much you can borrow, if you need any help please don’t hesitate to give us call!
We cant determine this until you have put your application in as it all depends on the lender you get accepted with. Some of the lenders we use don’t require a deposit which is good news! However, you may choose to put a deposit down which would lower your monthly repayments and the interest that you pay back. At Get Me Car Finance, we advise you on this throughout your application so there’s no need to worry.
It usually takes between 1 and 2 business days for us to process,approve and arrange your finance package however sometimes we can get you approved and in a car within an hour depending on the lender. You can contact us at any point to discuss the status of your application. Read more here :> How long does it take to get car finance approved
Our car finance scheme is available on cars from any UK Car Dealer that hold a valid consumer credit license. We provide examples of dealer stock on the getmecarfinance website to give you an idea of what is financable.Read more here Where Can I Buy a Car From
We do use companies who will fit a payment box to your car if approved by them. On acceptance with that company they will explain how it the device is fitted, displayed and how it functions
You can collect your car directly from the dealer , we will liase with the car dealer and you can arrange viewing and pickup directly through them. We take care of all the documentation regarding your finance.
Each dealer and each car has different offers on tax ,servicing and MOTs, when purchasing you can arrange thesedirectly with your dealer.
Here at Get Me Car Finance we are able to help you secure finance if you are aged between 18 and 70 years old. You must be 18 years old to apply for car finance and we are often able to help young people secure a loan with a good rate even if you have minimal or bad credit history. If you are a younger driver then it helps if you establish a good credit history. You can do this by opening a bank account, taking out a mobile phone contract or another form of small credit and make the repayments on time so that you appeal to lenders. Please see our help and advice guide on information on how to build your credit rating. Don’t worry if you’re an older driver either. Perhaps you’re retired or a pensioner – we can typically help people with circumstances like yours too as long as you fit our criteria. Sometimes you may be asked to provide a guarantor. This is someone such as a parent who has a good financial background who would be able to make the repayments for you in the event of the loan defaulting. Whatever your circumstance, please apply online to see how much you can borrow. How Old do i have to be to get car finance
Yes, you can. We deal we lots of customers every month who have an IVA. However your credit history needs to be good and you must have paid your credit agreements (if any) off on time.Can I get Car Finance with an IVA
you can. Get Me Finance are working from home however we are still providing cars and finance to our customers even through the Corona Lockdown. Car Finance with Corona Virus Scare