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The New Preferred option for Poor Credit Customers

  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Free Home Delivery
  • Employed, Self Employed
  • Change Every 3 Years
  • No Negative Equity
  • Cars Upto 6 Years Old


Personal contract hire or personal leasing is a simple, hassle free way of getting a new car for a fixed monthly sum. Our leasing deals run over three years, with an agreed mileage limit applied to the car of 8,000 miles per year. Youíll pay 3 payments up front as a deposit and then monthly repayments, thereís an option to buy the car when you reach the end of the term or you can just hand the car back or take out a new lease on another vehicle. Youíre responsible for the upkeep of the car during the term, but maintenance packages are available throughout the term of the lease. These lease agreements aren't working towards you taking ownership of the car, they tend to be cheaper a month. They also factor out the cost of depreciation, which is so often the major sting in the tail of car ownership.
  • We Can Find You a Car
  • All Credit Circumstances Considered
  • 6 Months Warranty on all cars supplied by us
  • Cars Upto 6 Years Old

Car Leasing Example - Ford Focus 1.6

Car Make
Ford Focus 1.6
3 x £177
9/10 Customers Accepted
Lease Term
36 Months
36 x £177
Miles Per Year
8000 m
36 Monthly Repayments
Final Option To Buy Available Arrangement Fee


"Bad Credit Car Leasing" or "Poor Credit Car Leasing"  is something brand new to the market.

The concept of car leasing has been around for years and years, however  not many if any funders look to lease cars to people with a poor credit score, who may have missed some payments on their electricity bill or a mortgage payment. Once you fall into this category you may find it increasingly difficult to yourself any car finance let alone a good deal on car finance. The Rates jump steeply if there are any blips on your credit file upto the point where you literally get rufused everywhere. Even Mobile phone contracts can be difficult to obtain. Get Me Car Finance is looking to produce a product which can easily slot into the market for those people who are desparate for a car, however have been flatly refused car finance. The Bad Credit Car Leasing product initially will be aimed at just those customers.

How Will "Bad Credit Car Finance Work"

We are still finalising the offering however in a nutshell, if you have been refused car finance, we hope to be able to offer you a car on lease, initial payments will be needed to secure your car, and you will be given a 36 month term on the lease. After which you can choose to buy the car or simply give it back.
There will be a good selection of cars to choose from ranging from a small city car upto 4x4's and more.


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