Guaranteed Car Finance

Guaranteed car finance is a term we hear quite a lot at Get Me Car Finance, it is an unusual term really as nobody really can guarantee anything with car finance. If you cannot afford car finance then realistically you wont get car finance.

However Guaranteed Car Finance is possible if your payments are Guaranteed by a Guarantor. Now that is totally different. Having a Guarantor on board allows you to do one of several things. 


1. Get car finance on a car using your guarantor to guarantee your loan repayments
2. Improve your credit recird and rebuild it, so next time you may not need a guarantor.

Getting a Guarantor however many be slightly harder than you think, this person needs to have a decent credit record themselves, and they also need to be willing to step in if you can not afford your monthly payment. Its a big job for some people so it needs to be thought out properly. We all love our kids and our close friends, however are we prepared to cough up if they miss a loan payment.

so there you go, Guaranteed Car finance is not a Guarantee you are going to get car finance. It means you get a guarantor to guarantee the monthly repayments of  the loan. Take a look at car finance guarantor to see how a guarator can and cant help.

So if you would like to apply for car finance and look at the options of getting a guarantor car finance loan, then click on the Apply button above.

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