How to Get A Car with Really Poor Credit

Finding a car when you have been refused finance or have really poor credit can be really infuriating. As a broker we see customers applying with 20 brokers in a weekend, and whilst that doesnt really hurt their credit record it sure as infuriates the brokers. If you have been refused car finance the first thing you should do is STOP !!!! . Ask yourself or your broker WHY HAVE I BEEN REFUSED.  If you dont find a suitable answer then getting a credit check and viewing your credit account is the next thing you should be doing. NOT APPLYING SOMEWHERE ELSE.


There are plenty of firms out there who will check your record and they can give you some fantastic advice. But we find most people who get refused think that they have been hard done to and that they will be accepted if they keep applying... (in reality they wont).


But I need a Car and I keep being refused.

This is a difficult pill to swallow, you need a car and have been refused finance. MOST brokers will have tried your application with the highest APR lenders, so really you should stop and ask yourself why you were refused in the first place.

Sometimes its a really simple answer.  


  • Missed Payments
  • CCJs
  • Not on Electorol Roll
  • Dont Earn Enough
  • Partners Credit is Affecting Yours.
  • Bankruptcy

These are some of the key players that go to building a credit score, and if you have any of the above recently then you may be refused finance.  So what can you do.

The Car Finance lenders may not be the answer, at the end of the day you need a loan, it doesnt have to be a car loan, but a loan for cash (as long as you can afford it) maybe the answer. We have a section which can provide you with companies who may lend to people with poor credit. Go and give it a try and see if there are any lenders on there who will lend you some pennies to get a car.


Still no luck??

If there are no lenders in our loan section willing to offer you cash for car, then you really need to rebuild your credit, there are lots of different ways to do this but paying off a credit agreement every month and proving you can do that really really helps, and after a short while this will build your credit.  Checkout our credit building section on GMCF


If you still dont have any luck email info@getmefinance and let us know your situation and maybe we can help



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