Poor Credit Car Finance - Can I Get Accepted

Being told that you have been declined for anything because you have poor credit is probably one of the worst feelings ever.  We have written this "Poor Credit Car Finance - How to Get Accepted" guide because after speaking to literally thousands of clients every year about finance we realise that most customers are going around and around applying with every car finance broker they can find hoping and praying they get accepted with one of them.
We think its because the customers are unaware that in reality there are only a handful of Car Finance Lenders out there in the market and most brokers use the same lenders. Indeed one lender told us that one client had applied 35 times over a weekend with different brokers hoping to get car finance.

Hopefully using this information you may be persuaded to stop applying for car finance with brokers because you have poor credit. There are several things you can do to increase your chances in getting approved for car finance, and there is one thing you can do which 95% of customers do not realise is possible after you have been declined.

1. Please Please Check Your Credit Record. Sites like experian Actually help you with your credit record. So give them a go.

2. Stop applying and apply in the right way - when applying enter as MUCH information about yourself as possible, provide as many addresses and job roles as you can, 5 years worth

3. If you cant get HP car finance, try for Leasing, you may be able to get a lease car based on affordability :-)

if worse comes to worst you could try leasing , poor credit car leasing or sometimes called leasing .asp">bad credit car leasing have less stringent checks on your credit file an work off affordability.

Good luck, you can always message us for help if you need to get in touch  m.me/GetMeCarFinance

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