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car finance

Guaranteed car finance for bad credit

27/08/2018 10:53:10

Another Frequently asked question over here at getmefinance, many people are searching the internet looking for the golden ticket when it comes to car finance.

And the Term "Guaranteed Car Finance For Bad Credit" is searched over 1000 times every month by customers who are in the unfortunate position of having bad credit and they are looking to either get a new car or upgrade their existing one.


The disappointing thing is that the FCA actually dont like the term "Guaranteed Car Finance" , and rightly so, how can a company guarantee anybody car finance without evening knowing their circumstances. And not only that customers who have been "bankrupt" have severe restrictions set on them. So the simple anwer is , "No you cannot guarantee car finance" to anybody, however....


Guaranteed Car Finance for Bad Credit maybe not the ideal search term, however some companies like "Get Me Car Finance" can offer rates to customers who have a poor credit record and can also prove that they can actuallt afford the payments on a new car.

Because let face it folks, if you cant afford to repay for the car, then why on earth are you asking to finance one.

So, there is is, nobody can guarantee car finance for people with bad credit , but you can ensur you have a better chance by stopping wasting your time applying with 27 finance companies for your car finance. Oh and whilst we are chatting, why not consider leasing">Get Me Car Leasing, a brand new service which allows you to "Lease" a car and build your credit record back up, and then either give back or but the car at the end of the term, well worth considering.