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car finance

car finance on benefits

13/06/2018 13:19:38

Many people come to Get Me Car Finance worried that because they are on benefits thats they cant get a car. FCA state that "A firm whose business model is predicated on selling products to customers who can’t afford to repay them is not acceptable, nor is it a sustainable long-term strategy." So come to us and prove you can afford car finance and we can ensure you get the best offer for your circumstance.


We will be honest with you, you maybe able to afford car finance, however you may have a terrible credit record, you would be right to question whether giving a car loan to someone who has a poor credit record would be crazy, however it really depends why its a poor credit record.

If you are sat there with 15 recent missed payments and have become bankrupt, then really, you need to be asking yourself why you would need a car loan and who would honestly lend to someone who has such a poor record of payment.

Back to Car Finance on benefits - the easy answer is yes, we do lend to people on benefits who can afford the payments and have not had too much of a tainted past. So press the apply online button below to start your journey.