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car finance

Getting Car Finance and on Benefits

27/10/2016 10:53:17

Can i get car finance if I am on Benefits?

One of the most asked questions at Get Me Car Finance is can i get car finance if i receive benefits. The simple answer is YES. If the applicant can be shown to afford car finance then who are we to stop them having a car.

Well, there is an element of risk to any finance agreement, but we find that people who receive benefits pay their monthly payments just as well as people who are not on benefits. 

Perception of People on Benefits
Many people arrive at our door who have been refused car finance because they dont work, and receive benefits. Most people when the word "benefits" is used think of the scrounger sat in a pub on a tuesday morning , vaping with a pint of lager watching Jeremy Kyle on the pub tv. In reality most people on benefits work hard to keep their home and family going. From the single mother to the dedicated carer who cares for a loved one. 

So where do I apply
You can apply for car finance here  we will process your application within one working day and get back to you by text or phone.


If you have any questions please do not hesistate to contact us.