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car finance

Perfect Time to Buy a Car

22/03/2016 18:40:42

Buying a New Car
Picking the most ideal time of the year for purchasing a car can possibly save you plenty of cash. Below are a few things to keep in mind:
During February & August, most dealers tend to offer some exciting bargains, whilst the car sales are sluggish as consumers wait for fresh number plates about to come in Mar & Sep. However, in case you decide to take advantage of the lull, the old number plates can make the vehicle appear older than normal. Hence, it’ll depreciate quicker.
At the completion of every quarter, especially at the end of June & Dec, the car dealers might be eager to hit their trimestral sales goals & hence, they are more likely to give you decent discounts.
Know when fresh models or renewed current models are about to come, then purchase the earlier version in its final few weeks at the dealer showroom. Dealers would desire to shift the stock & also more likely to providing you with an exciting deal. However, note that the previous model may depreciate quicker as compared to fresh arrivals, although it is almost the same age.
Convertibles have been found to be more desirable during summer, hence there could be discounts during winter.
The demand normally peaks in winter & autumn as a result of poorer weather, hence you are likely to get a greater discount during summer.
Showrooms are expected to be quieter during weekdays, thus drop in on Friday where the seller will also be ready to hit their weekly goals. 
Wait some month’s post launch prior to purchasing the new model. 
Buying a Used Car
Mar and Sep are top months in terms of the sales of new car models often via part-exchange agreements. Hence, the car dealers will have plenty of used car models for sell, putting you in a powerful position whilst negotiating.
Also, the dealers are more keen to clear out second hand cars during July & early Aug to make way for new models.
Jan & Dec are sluggish months for the trade of used vehicles. Cars are also unlikely to be on people’s minds during Christmas & New Year. 
Stay away from used convertible cars during spring & summer. It is best to until wintertime when the demand is on the lower side.
Nevertheless, buy 4-wheel drive vehicles in summertime, demand will most probably peak during late autumn & winter due to bad weather.