How to Buy or Transfer a Personalised Number Plate

Personalised number plates have been described using different adjectives, and while some people have seen it as just vanity, others treasure it and would do almost anything to have one. 

We often have a close and personal relationship with our cars and while some can afford to customise their cars, the best others can go to personalise their number plates. The trend of personalised number plates is on the rise and people tend to be embracing the idea recently. 

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) have made billions of pounds from personalised plates, thanks to the increasing trend that started in the late eighties. 

How To Buy A P
ersonalised Number Plate 

There are three basic ways of buying a personalised number plate – from the DVLA, private purchase, and through a broker. 

Buying from the DVLA

This is the first option that should be explored when you try to buy a personalised number plate. This helps to avoid the additional cost from involving the intermediary. The DVLA has a tool to search for number plates that meet your terms. The number plates come in two letters followed by two numbers, then a further three letters. The agency also lists prefix plates’ for those issued before 2001, which consists of one letter followed by one, two or even three numbers, with three letters coming at the end. 

Periodic auctions of number plates are also held by DVLA which are either physical or timed auction. 

Buying from a broker or company

There are many companies that buy and sell personalised number plates, and if the DVLA could not come up with a satisfactory result, you could seek help from brokers or companies. 

You could go to their websites to search for available ones. It is, however, worth noting that such number plates are usually more expensive than what the DVLA offers. 

Buying individual plates privately 

This option comes in when you have tried the two alternatives mentioned above to no avail. Classified ads in car magazines and newspapers are sources of individual number plates though they come at high prices. 

Transferring A P
ersonalised Number Plate 

The DVLA offers a platform for persons that have acquired their choice number plate to transfer it to another car when they want to sell the original car with the plate. This will cost just £80, and the agency allows you to hold on to the plate until you have a new car if you are yet to purchase a new one. 

The transfer process is usually done between 8 am and 6 in the night, Monday to Saturday and can be done online. Remember to have your cars registration number on hand during the process. 

The Cost Of P
ersonalising A Number Plate 

The price of a personalised number plate from the DVLA ranges between a couple of hundred pounds to a few thousand. However, the price at a DVLA auction is what the highest bidder pays. Number plates sold through ads and companies are usually more expensive as they are desirable and rare. 

The rule of personalised plates is that the fewer the characters, the costlier the plate. The law of demand also plays a role in the price of plates, as plates in high demand tend to cost more. 

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