Top 5 Tips on How to Sell Your Car

1. Preparation
Employing the right marketing strategy is crucial for getting the best potential deal – hence prior to advertising your vehicle, ensure to give it a proper clean inside as well as out. Also, ensure you fix any small paintwork damage. Consider renewing the MOT if there are less than three months left for it. 
2. Advertising 
You can find several places to advertise your vehicle both online & offline. Below are a few things you must include in your car listing:
1. Make & the type of model
2. Year of manufacturing
3. Condition
4. Mileage
5. Registration identifier
6. Color
7. Condition
8. List of add-ons/equipment
9. Your contact info
10. Full service history
3. Safety is the key
You could never be extremely careful while selling your vehicle. It is improbable that you will know possible buyers, hence make sure somebody else is along with you for the viewings. Check if the customer has suitable insurance if they would like to test drive the vehicle. Avoiding handing over the keys till you are in passenger’s seat. This will eliminate the danger of a possible customer driving off without you.
4. Payment
Always ensure you’ve full payment be it in your bank account or hand prior to handing over your car keys & other important documents.
If the consumer wants to pay cash, ensure it’s in full & properly counted. Another option can be instant bank transfer, however, you might have to provide your bank info to an unfamiliar person in case you pick this option. You also have the option to accept a bank cheque or DD, but ask for the proof of customer’s name & address. Wait till the moneys have cleared prior to handing over your car.
5. Paperwork
To begin with, ensure both you as well as the customer have a written sale’s receipt with the sign of both along with other details like names, addresses, make, model, price, date & registration info. Being a seller, you’ll have to complete the tear off of V5-C registration doc & forward it to DVLA. The uppermost section of V5C must be handed over to the consumer, together with the vehicle handbook, keys, the MOT documentation & log book.
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