Eight Things You Should Be Doing to Keep Your Car Safe and Legal

Most people are guilty of not checking the roadworthiness of their vehicles especially when it comes to checking if the rear indicator lights and brake lights are in good working condition. This can be very dangerous, making the difference between life and death.  


Many car owners will wonder what the MOT is meant for if they still have to check for such things as the lights of their car, considering that they do their MOT yearly. While this might not be totally false, it is important to note that the MOT only picks on specific things and relying on such tests does not guarantee the safety of the vehicle on the roads. Below are 8 things that should be done monthly to ensure the safe and roadworthiness of your car. 


The first thing is to ensure that the lights are working properly. This includes the brake, reversing, head and side lights, fog, and indicator lights. With the help of someone else to help you check if the lights are working when pressing the pedals. 

You might also want the positioning of your headlights to ensure it is adjusted properly and avoid dazzling other road users. 

Checking the lights help to prevent smashes from other road users as much as possible. 


Your stuff should be kept clean always as checking the working condition of your lights will be needless if the lights are covered with mud. In addition to keeping your lights clean in order to assess their working condition, it is also important that your number plate is clean for easy identification if the need arises. 


Your car windows should not only be clean, but they should also be free from obstructions outside and inside. Do not do the mistake of having sparkling clean windows with blocked by bags on the inside as this distorts your view.  

The wipers of your windscreen should also be in proper working condition. You, therefore, want to check the blades to avoid the risk inherent in driving in the rain without a functioning wiper. 


Your tyres are one of the most important parts of the vehicle. Unfortunately, many people do not pay proper attention to their tyresTyres come in different types made for different weather conditions. You, therefore, want to make sure that you get the right tyres for the weather as using winter tyres in the summer can be dangerous. 


The fluid levels of your car should also be checked, this time, weekly. The water, wiper wash, oil, and anti-freeze for the radiator and wiper wash are the important car fluids that should be checked every week for safe driving. 


The seats, headrest, and seat belts are the next things you need to check to keep your car safe and legal. Seat belts can only perform their function of lifesaving if they are used correctly. It is, therefore, imperative to ensure that no obstructions are stopping them from working, the belts are as tight as possible, the lap belt is properly placed in the pelvic area, and the diagonal strap goes over the shoulder and not by the side of the neck. 


Your warning lights are on your dashboard to easily draw your attention to issues with the car. It is, however, important that you know the meaning of these signs so that you can easily nip the problems in the bud before they become bigger and more expensive. 


Store things securely and carefully to ensure that they are not only safe and convenient but that they do not also interfere with driving unduly. 

Following the tips mentioned above are not only important for your safety as you hit the road, but they also save you money when you do your MOT as the risk of failing is reduced significantly. 


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