Road Safety: Staying Out of the Danger Zone

Some of the recent studies in traffic accidents reveal that:
Around 65 percent of fatal collisions occur as a result of driver reaction or error
Around 20.5 percent of the accidents happen because the driver is not able to see the nearing issue
Around 34 percent of collisions occur because of loss of control after recognizing an issue on the path
The research by ROSPA reveals that the most hazardous period for driving is between 7 pm & 6 am where the human body naturally wishes to sleep & because most drivers overlook the warnings about driving when they’re tired, on average, there are almost 47,373 fatalities as a result. The above period is also the darkest throughout the entire day. 
Another study revealed that Saturday is probably the worst day of the week for driving because of the number of vehicles on the roads & also the fact that most drunk motorists can get behind the wheels on this particular day.
On contrary, another study revealed driving whilst in a state of dehydration could have almost same effects as driving in a drunk state. 
Talking of driving over limit, young motorists have been found to be repeat offenders with most unsafe driving advertisements targeted towards the age group between 17 and 25 year olds.
Weather Woes
During the very first day of snow, a driver is 14 percent more likely to suffer an accident. 
Nonetheless, even though winter season can be tough to drive in, the summer season have been found to be worst among all the seasons. Traffic mishaps during the summer season can account for almost 27.5 percent more as opposed to winter.
Previously, the roads in the UK were considered to be the safest in the Europe. But, in the past few years, it has been knocked off its top position with 60 percent of the road mishaps occurring on rural roadways. 
How to Stay Safe This Winter?
Check the battery to ensure it’s fully charged & set for sub-zero scales. 
Check the coolant of your car engine. During winter, anti-freeze is a must for every vehicle. Also, make sure the markers are among min & max
Check the tires. Ensure you’ll get enough grip on icy & wet highways. Tire pressure must also be tested regularly for proper stability on the road
See if the wiper blades require replacement, since the cold conditions could damage & freeze them when they are in operation
A strong screen wash is also necessary. Make sure the screen-wash you’re using isn’t won’t cause any harm. Up-to -10 Degrees Celsius of protection is highly recommended.
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