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Get Me Car Finance can offer its clients superb rates for car finance even if they are searching for "bad credit car finance" , many people with poor credit records end up looking for car finance on the internet because thet have a blip on their credit file or thet have been refused car finance by a local car dealer.

Bad Credit Car Finance can be a right pain, being refused car finance is not only costly, but can cause some initial embarrassment when you get refused and then anger when you find out you a) cant get the car you wanted b) end up paying more per month simply because you have a poor credit record.

There are many steps you can take to improve your credit record which include checking your credit file, registering on the electoral role, getting a credit card and paying back monthly the required amount.

Popular Searches people use on google when having a poor credit record and searching for car finance are

Our aim at Get Me Finance Limited is to provide every one of our customers a finance package on a used car. We are different to every other company on the internet because we can actually get you a car no matter what your circumstance. You can try a host of other companies online that say they guarantee you the finance. The reality is the majority of the finance companies online tell you they guarantee the finance and then after sending all your details to various finance houses they then give you the dreaded decline. The companies that you apply with can seriously damage you credit profile, due to the amount of credit searches they do on your name. We use the BEST finance companies in the market and after looking at who our competitors use we have the edge. Not only do we use the finest finance companies we also have our own money to lend. That is why using Getmefinance Limited you will not be disappointed. We take away the pain and disappointment of being declined.. If you are serious about getting a car and you want to get accepted then put your faith in our services and expertise. We want you to get a car and we want to get the best deal out there for you.  


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