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Finding car finance online can be a daunting task, some people qualify for car finance from large finance lenders as they have great credit records. This is not the case for lots of people, read our help guides and info guides below for people who have got CCJs , bad credit and other bad credit associated problems like bankruptcy etc.

  • Self Employed Car Loans - Can You get One ?
    Help the self empoyed getting car finance
  • Car Finance with a CCJ  -  the Facts
    Need help understanding what a CCJ is ... read more
  • IVA Car Finance
    An IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) is an official, legally binding agreement that can help someone with serious debt problems avoid bankruptcy by paying a proportion of what they owe back to their creditors, eventually rendering them debt free.
  • Baffling bills leave skint Brits out of pocket
    Recent research has revealed that British adults are potentially being left out of pocket, after 75% of those surveyed revealed they have no idea if they are being ripped off by service providers, due to jargon heavy, complicated language used in their bills. This means most customers cannot work out if there has been a mistake in calculating their monthly charges.
  • Britain off limits to low income families
    Rising inflation and living costs coupled with stagnant wages means that for thousands of adults across the UK, their standard of living is getting worse, with money having to stretch further than it ever has before.
  • Car finance for the unemployed
    With unemployment figures not improving any time soon, the UK job market is looking bleak and for many adults across the UK this means living off the bare minimum income from government benefits.  Coupled with rising inflation, disposable income is decreasing at a faster rate than has been seen before in the UK, meaning money has to stretch further than it ever has done.
  • Used car sales fall as people struggle to secure finance
    New research published by credit reference agency, Experian, has revealed a surprising drop in used car sales in the first quarter of this year, the lowest since 2005.
  • Increasing opportunities to acquire car finance
    The current economic situation in the UK has led to a dramatic increase in negative credit profiles amongst adults.
  • Bad Credit Car Finance
    Many people  with a history of bad credit usually find it a bit difficult to get car finance.
  • Self Employed Car Loan
    It is no news that self-employed people find it a bit difficult to get car loans ...
  • Cheap Car Loan
    Due to the high amount involved in buying a car in the UK and the need to have one due to the comfort and convenience that come with a car, car loans and cheap car loans for that matter have become the choice of intending car owners.
  • Poor Credit Car Loan
    Getting car finance with a poor credit history can be a bit difficult. The good part of it is that, there is always a way out. It only requires that the person in search of the car finance takes the right steps and looks at the right places
  • Car Finance No Guarantor
    If you are looking for car finance and you dont have a guarantor , take a look at the following article




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