Increasing opportunities to acquire car finance

The current economic situation in the UK has led to a dramatic increase in negative credit profiles amongst adults.

Due to tougher living costs, monies are being stretched further and further. As a result, missed payments on debts or an inability to pay them back altogether has meant black marks have been recorded on many credit files, making it extremely difficult for some individuals to secure finance for big purchases, such as a car, even if they can afford it.

This pattern has led to a surge in new lenders to the market who are taking a different approach to car credit. is leading the way in this new approach to car credit and we have been helping people secure car credit for over 20 years. Through our professional network of highly experienced lenders, we are able to help anyone in any situation fund their next car purchase.

One application on our website is all it takes, and within 24 hours, the best car finance package available to you in your situation is found.

Acceptance is 100% guaranteed, and we deal with applications from everyone whether you are unemployed, have CCJs against your name, have been declared bankrupt even if you have no deposit.

Our team look at each application on individual merit and will work out a repayment plan to suit you, based on what is affordable. Our success rate is 100%, even if you have been declined in the past.

By securing a new car finance deal, your credit score will also be helped back to recovery, putting you on the road to financial freedom in the future.

If you are looking for car finance and are worried about your credit profile or being declined, talk to us. Our exemplary level of customer service will ensure you will get the best deal for you within 24 hours.