Britain off limits to low income families

Rising inflation and living costs coupled with stagnant wages means that for thousands of adults across the UK, their standard of living is getting worse, with money having to stretch further than it ever has before. So if you are looking for Great CAR FINANCE FOR PEOPLE ON BENEFITS we are the people to come to.

For the most vulnerable, low income families, a new report has revealed that 33% of Britain is effectively off limits to them because of high private housing rents. This corresponds to an increase in demand in recent years for private renting, as families are unable to fund a deposit to buy their own home but are not deemed vulnerable enough by the government to qualify for council housing.

In just under a third of areas in the UK, for families with a net income of £22,000 a year with one child in the household, they would have to spend over 35 per cent of their income to rent the least expensive two bedroom property. According to recent research, if rent is more than 35 per cent of a familyís earnings, it is considered unaffordable. For a smaller percentage of areas, the rental costs of housing would be more than half of their income.

The gap between available housing and the demand for it is widening, and is alienating ordinary families. Because of this there are calls on the government to prioritise an increase in the supply of housing for rent, to prevent people having to choose between decent housing and other life essentials such as clothing, food and furniture.

Housing ministers and the government have introduced initiatives such as the Build to Rent fund and have guaranteed loans to build new homes specifically for private rent, which may help alleviate some of the pressures felt in this market.

But for lower income families, costs of living and austerity measures donít look like easings up any time soon.