Can I Get Car Finance with a CCJ IVA or Default

If you have bad credit or an existing County Court Judgment, an Individual Voluntary Arrangement or have defaulted on finance repayments in the past then you may find it hard to get finance. However, at Get Me Car Finance we understand that many people are faced with financial difficulties at some point their life. So, if you are looking for a first time car, or maybe your vehicle has been involved in an accident or your vehicle is of age and needs replacing we are here to help you secure finance as we understand the importance of having access to a vehicle so you are still able to commute to work and back. Here at Get Me Finance we specialise in helping you achieve this as we have a panel of lenders that will still consider you if you have entered one of the above and help you to find you the best rate possible. As well as checking your credit file, we will consider your age, income, employment status and other factors to ensure we send your application to the correct lender. We are able to help people in a variety of different situations as long as you meet the minimum requirement of income and we are happy you are able to afford the monthly repayments. Of course, we cannot guarantee your application for bad credit car finance will be accepted if we feel this is not in your best financial interest. If approved, you can choose a vehicle any reputable dealership in the UK!