How Big Is the Role of Kids While Picking a Family Car?

It’s always an exciting period when you want to buy a new car, however there are several variables to take into account before you decide to seal your car deal. From your car color & design to comfort & practicality, each of us may have a different reason when it comes to picking a particular car. In a recent study, more than 25 percent of parents admitted kids play a huge rule in deciding which car to choose for their family.
Hence, even though you may be the person at the wheel, do kids really play a significant role in choosing a family car?
In the study, it was revealed that 78 percent of the one thousand parents surveyed admitted that having children pulled them in purchasing a new vehicle. And it is not only their family extension, the children too want a say in this matter!
Children normally have ideas in regards to comfort, color, as in car technology. For parents, nevertheless, the consensus seems to be quite clear: safety topped the list for the most crucial feature in a family car with almost 27 percent of parents mentioning it as their primary consideration for a family vehicle.
Kids vs Parents
Family cars typically offer more functionality as compared to other car models. Parents look for more practical choices as opposed to non-parent motorists. With the reliability of the vehicle taking the topmost priority for many buyers, storage space, leg room and cupholders are main concerns for people who often travel with their kids.
However, kids are more attracted towards in car technology & their favourite car colour.  Almost 26 percent of the parents mentioned they were persuaded by the choice of their kids when it comes to car color.
There are a few key things which you need to consider while purchasing a family car. These include:
Car safety
Comfort level
Our Pick for the Top 3 Family cars
With numerous makes as well as models in the marketplace, the search for an ideal family vehicle can often prove to be quite challenging. To make your job a bit easier, we’ve listed some of the best family cars models present in the market at the moment.
1. Vauxhall Insignia
2. Skoda Octavia
3. Ford Focus
To conclude, if you are in the quest for the best family car, get ready to take some inputs from your kids too!
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