Death Drive: Motorists and Their Cell Phones

In the past few years, the popularity of smart phones has grown like never before & it appears that people are happier communicating via their smart phones as compared to having a real life dialogue. 
In one of the recent studies, as much as 13 percent of drivers confessed to using their phones whilst driving. In spite of the dangers, it looks like we simply cannot get enough of our smart devices & the result is alarming.
Talking does not come cheap
Since Dec 1 2003, driving whilst using the smart phone has been prohibited – nevertheless figures from the year 2014 displayed an increase in road traffic mishaps, placing smart phones in the firing line. Although the above numbers caused concern, slight improvement has been seen in minimizing the numbers & following the reduction in traffic police, the previous year also saw a dramatic increased in road accident deaths.
Drivers can nowadays invest in a smartphone holder to make calls whilst driving that enable them to keep their eyes onto the road & hands onto the car wheel while driving. For further assistance, motorists can also find driver safety application that are built to help them stay focused. In spite of all these, why are most insistent on playing with their mobile phones?
The temptation to check in texts and other notifications 
Concentration plays a key role when it comes to driving safe on the roads, since even a slight distraction may turn out to be fatal, however in spite of numerous shocking ad operations & warnings, 
As much as 31 percent of motorists in Europe still text while driving. Alarmingly, it is not simply texting which is driving their attention off the road, stuff like posting on Facebook, tweeting, etc. is becoming quite common amongst drivers.
From posting the pics of pets to checking-in at hotels, people want to every single area of their lives to be documented on their smart phones. An awful number of motorists are not able to complete a short journey without glancing their profiles on various social media networks. Hence, it appears that talking over the mobile while driving the vehicle isn’t the lone temptation that our smart phone offers us.
It’s prohibited to use smart phone whilst:
Driving your vehicle 
Yu are at stop signs/ traffic lights
Your vehicle engine is operational
You are in queueing traffic
You are guiding a learner motorist
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