7 Secrets a Car Dealer Won't Tell You

Getting into a car dealership is not what it used to be as the internet has come to ease the process especially on the part of the buyers as they do not have to withstand the pressure coming from sales and marketing staff of dealerships. It is however worth noting that while car dealerships cannot necessarily force sales down the throat of prospective car owners, there are some things everyone should know before entering a dealership.


Know the Car

Having as much information as possible about the car puts you in a better position to make an informed decision as regards the purchase. This also helps you to be sure of what you want as opposed to having the sales team tell you, and in most cases misleading you to making purchases you ordinarily would not have made.


You might also want to find out about the car on sale as this helps you to negotiate the price better.


Shop around

It is always advised that you do not get take the first deal thrown at you. Instead, shop around for different deals and choose the best of them. This does not only help you to save money, it also ensures that you get the most suitable deal for you.


Avoid Trading in a car

Dealers know the worth of your car and how much it can be sold and like every business, they are looking to exploit every opportunity to make money, including your car. They therefore offer you something that allows them make money on your car.

While trading in your car might be relatively easy, the money you will be losing by doing this can be massive. It is therefore advised that you sell your car before heading to the dealership.


Know How to Walk Away

No dealer wants to miss a deal and in most cases, dealers will neat down their price just to ensure they seal the deal. You therefore have an upper when you decide to leave the dealership if you find the bargain unfavourable.


Do Not Reveal Too Much

Revealing too much information to your dealership especially when you try to bargain the price for monthly payment will most times put you at a disadvantage.

Giving too much information especially concerning your budget and what you can afford gives your dealer an edge over you.

Be careful with finance deals

There are several auto finance deals flying over the place. You however have to be very careful with such deals as they can be very costly in the long run. In most cases, car finance deals let you to drive cars you otherwise would not have afforded. However, dealers sometimes take advantage of innocent buyers to tweak the loan especially the length and APR, making the monthly costs look attractive, while the final cost is increased. Use Get Me Car Finance


Use the Internet

Shopping for your dream car online gives you access to different deals and even more information concerning the different car deals available to you. This also gives you the confidence to walk into any dealership as you are well-equipped with enough information to avoid being duped.

It is advised that you speak with the same person that attended to you online as this helps to avoid the games and tricks in marketing even as you get to conclude the deal easier and faster.

The tips mentioned above will go a long way in helping you get your dream car at the most suitable price possible. 

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