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Do You Need Guaranteed Car Finance ?

Our aim at GetMeFinance Ltd is to provide every one of our customers with a guaranteed finance package on their choice of used car.

When it comes to your money, it pays to do your research, and so you may have already realised that our organisation is different to every other company you will have seen on the internet. This is because at GetMeFinance Ltd, we can 100% guarantee to provide you with a finance package Ė whatever your circumstances.

Our competitors may claim the same guarantee, but in most cases, you will find that once you have handed over all your details and taken the time to answer lots of personal questions, you are left with little more than the dreaded statement of decline.

This may not seem like an important turn of events, but what you may not realise, is that owing to the amount of credit searches that are being undertaken by all of those companies, your credit profile and credit score can be seriously affected as a result of all the searches. Put simply, the lower your credit score becomes, the more chance there is that you will face difficulty in other financial areas of your life, for example, applying for a mortgage, loan or credit card.

At GetMeFinance Ltd, we use only the strongest and most trusted finance companies in the market. In addition, we also have our own money to lend, ensuring that however the outcome is reached, the end product will result in our customers gaining a finance package that will enable them to purchase their first or next used car.

The team at GetMeFinance Ltd will guarantee to spare you the pain and disappointment of being declined. If you are serious about getting a car and are looking for a finance package to suit your needs, put your faith into our services, expertise and passion to get the right deal for you.

Have You Got A Low Credit Score? No Problem!
Many of our customers turn to GetMeFinance Ltd because they have been turned down for car finance in the past owing to a poor credit rating, or due to their present personal circumstances. For those customers, we guarantee we have car finance packages available to get you the car you need, or perhaps even the car youíve been dreaming of! We offer great deals on new and used car finance, but remember, we donít just get you the credit, we also give you access a stock of cars you can choose from to drive away right there and then! We pride ourselves on providing a product that secures your happiness from start to finish.

The application process is quick and easy. Simply enter your details into our online form and we will match you up with the best deal available for your personal situation. We have finance packages to suit every individual, so donít worry about your credit score, present loans, past financial history or any current CCJs you may have on your record.

At GetMeFinance Ltd, we donít believe in smallprint, so here it is: As you can imagine, our service proves incredibly popular, and therefore, demand for what we can guarantee is high. As a result, we ask you to kindly provide us with a small deposit of just £25 when you apply, so that we can ensure the security of your application. Remember that all applications are guaranteed, so you cannot Ďloseí this money. Your deposit secures the services of our team to work hard for you to ensure that you are not left disappointed, and for the majority of applicants, a package will be offered to you and confirmed via formal letter and friendly phonecall in under 48 hours.

We look forward to getting the right deal for you!

The Team
GetMeFinance Ltd

Have You Got Bad Credit - Dont Worry

Are you looking for a new or used car? Have you got bad car credit? GetMeCarFinance can get the car finance you need. Perhaps youíve been turned down for car finance in the past? Well donít worry, youíre in safe hands. , We have car finance deals to get you the car youíve been dreaming of. We offer great deals on new and used car finance. And remember,  we dont just get you the credit , we also have a stock of cars you can drive away, So unlike other companies we can actually offer a 100% Guarantee that you can get that car. The application process is simple, enter all your details and we will match you up with the best deal available out there for your situation. We have a package to suit everybody, so dont worry about your credit score or past loans or any current CCJ's you may have on your record.  As you can imagine our service although new to the market is getting increasingly popular and therefore we may ask for a small deposit to secure your finance. This helps us priortise applications and puts your application to the top of the pile.

Fast Car Credit Application

GetMeCarFinance aim to provide you with a detailed car finance deal on your application between 1 to 48 hours and can most of the time achieve faster. We will let you know about your car finance offer by text message, email, telephone or  letter if required. Nobody works harder to help you to get the car finance you want!
Remember!!  All circumstances are accepted.